Yes, girls can skateboard !

Following on from yesterdays article about the Globe Bantam, today we have a truly inspirational little movie for you Sistas.

Riders: Bianca Antunes, Hellen Santos, Karina Rosa, Litta Luz, Rafaella Ignácio, Tamyris Marini.
Images: Eduardo Ohara, Marcela Lima, Mariara Freitas, Samuel Alexandre, Vinicius Almeida.
Translation: Bianca Antunes, Hellen Santos, Mariara Freitas.
Editing: Mariara Freitas.
Editor’s assistants: Hellen Santos, Tamyris Marini.
Executive Producers: Hellen Sophia, Mariara Freitas.
Art Director: Samuel Alexandre.
Directed by: Mariara Freitas.
Thanks to: Mauro and Marcia Santos, Aline Novaes, Bruno Lucchesi, Renata DaCosta, BOMDROP!, Divas Skateras, Longboard TPM Crew, Posso! Skateboards, and every single person who support us.
Partners: Mad Rats, New Skate, Sick Mind.
The Griswolds – Mississippi
Aqueduct – Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights
Santigold – Lights Out
Jurassic 5 – Canto de Ossanha
The John Butler Trio – Good Excuse
Telekinesis – Country Lane
SOJA – She Still Loves Me
Peter, Bjorn & John – Objects Of My Affection
São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Guararema – SP, Brazil
Jacareí – SP, Brazil
São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil
Taubaté – SP, Brazil
Pindamonhangaba – SP, Brazil

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