You Chose The Bikini – Now The Board Shorts

We have already reviewed the bikinis, so it would be a shame not to be equipped from head to toe!

So to find the board-shorts that complete the perfect style, no problem just follow the guidance of your sista.

Two choices are available to us … long version or short version … but take heed you have to be aware of the rules of good style!

No way should you wear long board-shorts that are ultra skinny and tight … uh-oh, no, never ever! We can wear fitted but not too ‘fitted’. They should sit slightly below the hips without revealing your crack, we definitely do not want the plumber style! …and if you really want the perfect look, opt for the board-shorts which stop right at the knee or just below… no half measures, we like the long board-shorts… but if we decide to take it short, we choose to wear mini mini!

I love this brand: Tshotsh, great cut, great colors, great style!

Tshotsh Spark

Tshotsh Liberty

also from Oxbow:

OXBOW Tomasi Boardshorts

and from Oakley:

OAKLEY Spinning Boardshort

or from Mystic:

Mystic Spider White

In the short versions you can have fun and choose the little shorts that will make us look ultra sexy.

OXBOW Traytown Short

REEF Lilha Boardshorts

ROXY Choka Boardshort

tshOtsh BEASTY

And for the finishing touch, also from tshOtsh we can add to our boardshort the Splash belt. Available in all colors and available in different sizes.

tshOtsh Splash Pink

tshOtsh Splash Blue

tshOtsh Splash Turquoise

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