10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sicily for you Next Kite Holiday

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sicily for you Next Kite Holiday

After reading this you will be on the next plane to Sicily! Agata Dobrzynska tells us why she thinks the lagoon of Lo Stagnone is the best place to spend your next kite holiday!

ION ambassador Agata Dobrzynska has just moved to Sicily one month ago and has literally fallen in love with this place from the very first moment! Want to know why? Let’s let her explain. Here are her 10 reasons why she thinks the lagoon of Lo Stagnone is the best place to spend your next kite holiday!

BUT beware, after reading this you will be on the next plane to Sicily!

1. Perfect Playground For Freestyle Lovers

Do you want to improve your kite skills in freestyle? There is no better place! The shallow and flat lagoon of Lo Stagnone is perfect to practice your first jumps or trying your unhooked tricks! It is worth mentioning that in spite of the shallow water the bottom is mud and soft, therefore do not be scared to crash!

While in front of the spot can get a bit crowded you can kite away for 5 minutes and find your empty private spot to ride!

2. Excellent Conditions For Beginners

I have never been to a spot where learning kitesurfing is so easy and safe. The wind in Lo Stagnone is mostly steady, which will help you learn fast how to control the kite!

There is no chop to disturb your first water start and when you crash and lose your board it is literally just few steps away. If you want to progress fast and have lots of fun, come down to Lo Stagnone and start your kite adventure right here!

3. Great Kite Community

There is nothing better than having a good session with your friends where the wind and weather are perfect! Kitesurfing is not just about pushing each other and competing, it is about having fun and sharing passion!

If you are looking for a place where you can find good vibes and happy kiters come and join us here at the lagoon of Lo Stagnone!


4. It Is Not Just About Kiting!

Go and explore the beauty of the spot! One of the biggest benefits of Lo Stagnone is the possibility of exploration. The majority of the world’s spots have a restricted area that is under the supervision of a rescue team, so riders end up riding the same tack. Meanwhile, there is no need for rescue here, so even intermediate riders can go out for an adventure!

With the different wind directions, the lagoon offers many spots with unique characteristics such as sandy beaches around the island of Santa Maria and mirror flat water behind broken salina (salt fields) walls.


5. Sliders

Lo Stagnone is a perfect spot for placing some sliders! If you want to try something new and get into another level of freestyle it’s the perfect place to do it! Even when there is no wind we can organize some winch freestyle sessions, believe me it is so much fun! The lagoon is shallow so there is no problem to place obstacles.

However, since it is a protected natural reserve, you cannot keep anything fixed on the water, so you need to take it in and out every time you ride it. But that is not a big price for having so much fun!


6. No wind at Lo Stagnone? Let’s SUP!

There is no better place to SUP than Lo Stagnone! When there is no wind just take the SUP and go to explore the island of Santa Maria in front of the kite spot. It takes just 30 minutes to get there! Private beach in the middle of the lagoon during the sunset, what could be better?


7. Sicilian Wine & Food

Who doesn’t like good food and a glass of excellent wine after a day on the water?!

French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote…

“A meal without the wine is like a day without sunshine”

…and Sicilian people absolutely agree on that with him! Close to Lo Stagnone you can find a lot of local cantinas. When there is no wind you can visit them, get to know how the wine is made and at the end of the tour you can try different kinds of wine to find your favorite if you still don’t have one!

There is also a lot of good restaurants serving typical Italian food like pasta, pizza and any kind of sea food!

Sicily is the heaven for vitamins lovers! You can buy delicious fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables at the local fruit market. If you are lucky you can taste the best fresh orange juice ever! Unfortunately, orange season is quite short down here!

Ooooh and don’t forget to try my favorite Sicilian PISTACHIO ice cream but be careful it is easy to fall in love with!


8. Spot Location

However beautiful or windy the spot is, it won’t do much good if it is in some remote location that takes a day of traveling and extensive budget to get to. Airport Trapani-Birgi is located only 5 minutes by car from the lagoon.

And the best part – there are many low-cost flights to Trapani from all around the Europe, you can be at the water literally in couple of hours! Check for example Ryanair, they offer connection to major European cities.


9. All year wind

There is no season in Sicily! Wind is blowing all year long! The most reliable times are autumn and spring where the wind tends to get stronger, while the summers are warm and the heat of the lagoon creates regular thermic wind perfect for 9-12m kites. Winter time is also great, but pack thicker wetsuit.

10. ProKite Alby Rondina

Last, but not least there is background facilities of our school ProKite Alby Rondina, so you do not have to improvise during your vacation and can rely on professional services.

We offer complex service from airport transfer, accommodation, restaurant, kite services and no-wind activities. For more information do not hesitate to check www.prokitealbyrondina.com or contact me directly! See you on the water!

You can follow Agata on her site love2kite.com, her Facebook page, Instagram and also she will be teaching at ProKite Alby Rondina for the upcoming season.

All photos by: Laci Kobulsky and Roger Wanke

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