12 Ideas for Staying Fit Over the Christmas Holidays

12 Ideas for Staying Fit Over the Christmas Holidays

We all know that during this time of the year it’s hard to keep our healthy lifestyle but luckily our Sista, Issy von Zastrow is sharing with us 12 Ideas for staying fit over the Christmas Holidays.

We all know that during this time of the year it’s easy to exchange your healthy lifestyle for long dinners and festive nights. However, as kiters this doesn’t promote our progression or fitness for our next session on the water. These few tips for keeping fit and still enjoying your holidays will help no matter where in the world you are!

1. Set reachable and reasonable goals

Remember that it is the time to enjoy and indulge but within reason. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing with food and exercise but rather somewhere in the middle. Take your level of fitness and your eating habits and adjust them to what is achievable for where you are going to be.


2. Adapt your workout to your situation

When you are travelling it can be difficult to continue your exact exercise routine from home, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop all together! I like to adapt by using what I have with me. As an example using a towel instead of a yoga mat or a sock filled with sand instead of an ankle weight.


3. Travelling with a TRX

This is a very good option as you can use it to work out your entire body. It can be used on the beach, in a hotel, or anywhere you find yourself in the mood. The weight and size is perfect for travelling and will definitely fit inside your board bag.


4. Do something everyday

It’s your holiday so you have to enjoy! Get out and do something active no matter where you are. You don’t need to be in the tropics or summer to go outside for something as simple as a walk! Enjoy your environment as much as you can!



If you are able to kite then go rip! Some of us are very lucky to be able to wear a bikini on Christmas and new years so live it up. Kite as much as you can and you will be able to enjoy the holidays without concern of indulgence.


6. Take advantage of your environment

If you are somewhere cold and snowy or hot and humid, make the most of it and play around. If you ski or snowboard then have at it, if not then try something new! Any board sport is going to help you with core and balance for your next kite session.


7. New destination, new sport!

No matter what, remember it’s the holidays! HAVE FUN! If there isn’t any wind to kite then try something new to get you going. Stand up paddling, yoga, skiing, hiking, snowVshoeing, beachVvolleyball, or a snow fight!


8. Morning workouts

Waking up early to fit in a workout is not everyone’s idea of fun but remember you will most likely be busy in the evenings. When there are a lot of events and fun activities going on, its good to have your workout finished and be able to just enjoy.


9. Don’t change too much

Try not to change too much of your basic dietary routine. For example, if you drink lemon water in the mornings don’t abandon it! By all means indulge in the festivities to a certain extent but don’t forget the diet and exercise that keeps you a positive and happy person!


10. Remember the long term goal

Its good to let loose a little bit and enjoy with friends and family, however your long term goal for kiting and health should still be within reach when it’s the new year. The happier and more confident you feel the more positive your life will become.


11. Incorporate cardio

If you are stuck inside because of the cold or because of a hotel room, cardio is still an option. In between your muscle building movements and pilates exercises, add jumping squats or lunges to get your heart rate up and make your workout a little more challenging.

12. Make a list

At the beginning of the day write three things you would like to accomplish (they can be very small). Try your best to stick to your goals and after the day is over, write five things you accomplished and are happy about. Again, they don’t have to be big but it is a great way to stay positive and see that you are still on your way to fitness!


Written by Issy von Zastrow


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