Cécile’s Story – A Rider You Can Relate To

We take nothing away from the endless hard work put in by pro riders and big brand representatives to push the boundaries of what is possible with our sport and how it is perceived in the mainstream media.

However for a lot of everyday riders, weekend warriors and occasional kiters, this can seem so far from the kitesurfing style and skills that they practice when they hit the water and the thoughts of boots, kickers and sliders or strapless freestyle tricks are not even on the wish-list.

So what does one of Europes biggest retail sports companies do when they bring affordable kitesurfing products to the market, do they try and recruit a team of hotshot pros to the ridicule of the the social media opinionators… thankfully not.


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You will not find Orao by Decathlon boards on the feet of any of the top freestyle riders at next weeks WKL world tour stop, but you will find them on the feet of budget conscious riders who know deep down that whilst Decathlon might not be the pinnacle of cool for those that must have the ‘on-trend’ item, they are well known for their extensive research and product development and bringing quality products to the market.


Click to Browse the Orao Range

So meet Cécile, a water-sports specialist who works for Decathlon and hear about her love affair with the sport we hold so dear and her thoughts and experiences with the new female orientated board, the Orao Zeruko from Decathlon.

For more information just head over to Decathlon’s website for more information.



Click to Browse the Orao Range

Disclaimer: The author of this article does not ride an Orao board, but buys all of their socks, base layers, thermals and other sporting goods from Decathlon, although they did once return a road bike because they didn’t like it – and got a full no questions asked refund.

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