Choosing The Right Bikini

Choosing The Right Bikini

To be honest it is really more beautiful to wear a bikini whilst you ride than something else… it’s downright sexy – there is no denying this …tanned body, shining hair and ultra white smile for the photos …

To be honest it is really more beautiful to wear a bikini whilst you ride than something else… it’s downright sexy – there is no denying this …tanned body, shining hair and ultra white smile for the photos …it doesn’t get much better than that, …kiting goddess, done!

But after already one hour of wind in your hair, sand stuck all over and mascara on your cheeks the time comes to leave the water with dignity … not the time to be revealing our assets to everyone on the beach with an ‘open house’ style bikini display!

To avoid such inconveniences (trust me, I have learn’t these lessons through ‘experience’) … let me present to you advice on bikinis to avoid and a definitive list of those you can adopt.

First of all we can forget the ‘boob-tube’ bikini even though we love it because it limits the traces of tan-lines… and even if the straps are removable… because you will find it is not only the straps which are removable!

We can try the triangle top provided that of course ladies, you do not have the attributes of Pamela, but to be perfectly honest, we must draw the line on these if we decide to advance to the stage of riding unhooked. ;)

The bests so far tested are the bikinis of the surfing ranges released by Roxy in the last 3 years … the triangle straps intersect just behind our backs and its wide band under the chest assures us optimal comfort and support. With its different styles and colours it has a great reputation.

Now other brands such as Volcom, Reef and Hurley … are also copying it and releasing some really cool new styles.


Raisins Good Vibes

Reef Guatemalan Breeze Halter

And latest greatest discovery…

Sensi Nina Short Bottoms

Sensi Dawn Cross Back Top

Now onto the new that I will be testing myself as soon as possible, we have the new Body Glove top which gives us the Bond girl look… but we can find fault with the price as is quite expensive.

However if any of you manage to test it before me, please don’t let us know in the comments below before I decide to invest :)

BodyGlove TimeWarp Vest

If you prefer to play it safe… you can invest in multicoloured lycra (certain to be seen) or the ultra girly tankini …

Kanabeach Lycra Petal

Tankini Top

I myself am a big fan of the brand Kanabeach who sponsor world speed champion Charlotte Consorti, As you can see from the photo we both opted for pink lycra … and with that I can assure you, everyone can see us!

Sofi {me} (left) & Charlotte Consorti (right)

Finally for girls who have a bigger chest and require more support, Roxy bikinis have launched a new range this year especially created for sports, with reinforced side frames.


That’s it! After all that you just have to make your choice and feel free to share the products you love with your girlfriends.

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