Competition: Win a Signed Piece of Aaron Hadlow

Competition: Win a Signed Piece of Aaron Hadlow

Your chance to win a piece of history. A unique signed bag made from Aaron Hadlow’s old kites, by his mother. Take a look to find out more about this unique project and opportunity.

Ok, we admit it, we might have got your interest with the title, but now your here you will realise we are not far off from the truth.

Read on to find out more…


You see there was a problem in the Hadlow household which is a very common one when you are 5 times world champion with your own brand of kites and then you take a positive change of direction which leaves you with just a few kites that you can no longer ride or sell.


We all know who proper men turn to in times of need (subject to availability of course) …their mum. Yes, you read that correctly. Aaron’s mum stepped in to save the day in a way that only a good mother can.


She started transforming all of Aaron’s old kites into bags, wallets, purse or all shapes and sizes under the name ‘Sewn again’. She may not be the first to have this idea we grant you, but she is up-cycling not just any old kites here, these kites are pieces of kitesurfing history.


You can now own one of this special items by going straight to the Facebook page and buying through the shop here:


However we would not be KiteSista if that was all we had to tell you. You guessed it, we have one of these special bags in the form of a cross body handbag for you to win. That is not all, this particular bag was been hand signed by Aaron himself.


All you need to do to win is to enter your email address in the box below and then pop over and like the Sewn Again Facebook page here.

The competition is now closed.



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