Introducing the KTA – The Competitive Tour For Everyone

Introducing the KTA – The Competitive Tour For Everyone

What if we told you there is an international tour that has been going strong for 9 years, is sanctioned by the IKA and WS and it is open to everyone from anywhere, amateur and pro riders alike.

We may have had the last couple of years taken up with news about the direction of the freestyle tour. Arguments involving PKRA, VKWC, GKA, WKL, KRU, IKA, WS, IFKO… and the list goes on. Thankfully this has now reached a very positive conclusion so this article has nothing to do with that…. so why do we bring it up?

Well, whilst all this has been going on there exists an international tour that has been going strong for 9 years. It is sanctioned by the IKA and in turn WS and it is open to everyone from anywhere, amateur and pro riders alike.


Yet there is a high chance you have never heard of it as it certainly does not get the same media coverage as some of the other tours. Well, that is about to change because we have been keeping our eyes and ears open on your behalf and we feel that 2017 is the year that you are ready for another tour and another acronym to your kitesurfing repertoire.

Ladies and ladies, girls and girls, we taker great pleasure in introducing you to and announcing our full support for the KTA. …which in case you are still wondering what it means… The Kiteboard Tour Asia.

Watch this introduction to know a bit more about what the KTA...

What for us is special about the KTA versus other tours is the accessibility of their events. Anyone can enter and if they qualify, compete on the big stage. This is supported by accessible disciplines as part of their X-Champs initiative.

Examples include Freestyle-X where riders are not only awarded points for unhooked wake style moves, but also old school and hooked in moves and TT (twin-tip) Racing which means riders do not have to invest in expensive less accessible equipment to get out there and win races against the best of them.

Watch the most recent KTA X-Champs Vietnam 2016 round up...

There is also a WOO factor with Big Air competitions included and potential for that to be taken to the next level in 2017.

You will already be familiar with a number of the girls who have been involved with the tour such as Maureen Castelle, Marine Duprat, Pauline Valesa and Annabel van Westerop but there is a whole continent full of very talented young Asian riders who we will be introducing you too over the course of the year.


L to R: Maureen Csstelle, Marine Duprat, Annabel van Westerop & Aya Oshima

The tour dates for 2017 are now out and circuit will visit Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Indonesia.

  • Moose Asian TTR Championships | Pranburi, Thailand | 12-18 March -> more info and registration
  • KTA Freestyle X | Pranburi, Thailand | 12-18 March
  • KTA Asia Surf Expo & ADEX 2017 | Singapore | 7-9 April
  • TT:R Open Korea | Daechon Beach | 16-21 May
  • KiteFoil GoldCup Korea | Daechon Beach | 16-21 May
  • KTA Open | Solomon Islands | June/July
  • KTA X-Champs | Vietnam | Ninh Chu Bay | 20-24 July
  • KTA Open | Fiji | August
  • TTR World Championships 2017 | Korea | 29-3 September
  • KTA KiteFoil Open 2017 | Korea | 29-3 September
  • KTA X Champs Sri lanka | Kalpitiya | September
  • TBA | Penghu, Taiwan | November
  • KTA X Champs Indonesia | Lagoi Bay, Indonesia | December

That is quite some schedule and you can checkout all of the details for the upcoming event in Thailand here…

We leave you with the lovely Grace Austin who is one of the key female figures involved in the tour and making sure you find out about it (so it is clear we will be hearing a lot more from her) as she gets ready for Thailand.

you can find out more about the KTA on their official website and follow them on Facebook.

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