KiteSista in Brazil – Chapter#1 feat. Angely Bouillot & Sofi Chevalier

We were tempted to call this “the lost footage” …but we didn’t lose it, we just never quite got to editing it because it was shaky, and shot with a lens that slowly disintegrated during the trip and we never quite found the time… and then 2015 became 2016 and 2017.

Luckily Dániel Hajnal ( ufy ) recently came to the rescue and armed with our hard drive and a heap of talent managed to squeeze not one but 3 chapters out of it. The essence of these videos is to present an accessible level of kitesurfing and embody the spirit of KiteSista and girls riding together.

This is chapter 1. Shot in Sao Miguel do Gostoso and the nearby Praia do Marco it features the talent and gutsy French rider Angely Bouillot alongside our editor Sofi Chevalier. Not a handle pass in site as they embrace the strong winds and get some air.

RIDERS: Angely Bouillot // Sofi Chevalier
CAMERA: Marcus Graichen
EDIT: Dániel Hajnal ( ufy ) –
MUSIC: La Fine Equipe – Gremlins feat. ASM

THANKS TO: F-ONE // Manera // Core // Aethic // Sensi Graves Bikinis // Glidesoul // Sungod // Mood // mogmachine // Albergue da Jangada


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