Living Raw with Lifefood

Raw food or live food is becoming an increasingly popular way of eating throughout the world, and the success of the company Lifefood is proof of this.

Before we go any further let’s introduce ourselves to the founder of Lifefood Tereza Havrlandová thanks to our mutual friend Paula Novotna.

When Tereza Havrlandová founded Lifefood in 2006, she herself had no idea how quickly her company would grow, that it would offer such a wide range of products, process ingredients from the most diverse corners of the planet and that her products would be loved by people throughout the world.

She had dreams of being a professional kitesurfer but unfortunately injury ended that dream.


However it was not an easy ride for Tereza at the beginning as the company was not profitable and she worked daily, sixteen hours per day, falling asleep with business worries on her mind and arose in mornings in terror as to whether or not she’d make enough to pay her employee’s wages.

Then at a trade fair in Germany things suddenly started to get her way and all the hard work paid off.

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Lifefood is not a global brand and Tereza as an awarded entrepreneur runs the business and continues to kitesurf the world.

This is one impressive story and also some very impressive products.

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From energy bars to protein shakes, crackers, bread,biscuits, and of course chocolate, their range is huge.

You can check out a huge selection of Lifefood products in our shop or head over to to find all the products and your local stockists.

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