Mikaili Sol Storms to Victory in WKL Qualifier League

Mikaili Sol Storms to Victory in WKL Qualifier League

Mikaili Sol makes an undisputed impact on the World KiteBoarding League with an immense score as she storms to victory.

We know that we may not have been giving you as up to date news on the WKL Qualifier event in Egypt as we usually do. We are sorry, running 2 weeks of kite camps in Brazil leaves little spare time.

However there is no excuse not to shout to the world about the phenomenal success of our KiteSista team rider and young superstar Mikaili Sol. Whilst there may be mixed opinions and no as yet concrete clarification as to whether she can compete in the Elite league next year (it falls to the technicality of the cut off point for turning the required age of 14 in the competition year), there is no denying her almighty achievement yesterday.


The young Mikaili Sol not only stormed through all of her heats, but in the final scored herself a massive 34.93. To put that in perspective, that is a HUGE score for any heart let alone a 13 year old girl competing against all Elite League riders.

She beat Francesca Bagnoli (29.83), Therese Taabbel (25.19) and Maureen Castelle (4.73) and to put it in perspective, the highest scoring mens heat from the entire Elite league was 31.03 by Christian Tio.


She landed all seven of her tricks as follows:

  • Blind Judge – 4.83
  • Slim Chance – 7.37
  • Heart Attack – 8.83
  • KGB – 9.33
  • Front Blind – 6.83
  • Back Mobe – 9.4
  • Slim Chance 7.1

For those that follow the freestyle tour, and are aware of the rarity of landing all 7 tricks and having the privilege of dropping a 7.1 scoring Slim Chance from your score because you already had a 7.37 …well, the number speak for themselves.


The girl clearly has a point to prove and after both Mikaili and the Men’s Qualification League Champion Maxime Chabloz have been training hard with their coach Fabio Ingrosso for the past few weeks in Brazil, it is clear that these two are a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Not that we didn’t see this coming.

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