Are you Naked Underneath Your Wetsuit?

Are you Naked Underneath Your Wetsuit?

Comfort, irritation, freedom, support. …all reasons for being naked or not underneath your wetsuit. We caught up with the pros to see what they think.

This is actually a very good question… would you rather be completely free underneath your wetsuit and have pressure points and irritations or on the contrary do you prefer to keep everything in place with some extra support afforded by your swimsuit?

We asked the pros and this is what they had to tell us…

Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna - KiteSista

Yes, I am naked.

I HATE wearing a bikini under. Its not comfortable at all. The newest wetsuits are so nice, so smooth and so comfortable! Some long zipless wetsuits are so stretchy and they have a feeling that you are actually not wearing a wetsuit at all. Plus if you wear a bikini under your wetsuit, you can see it. So NO, i am never gonna wear bikini under my wetsuit again haha. – Paula Novotna

Julia Castro

Julia Castro - kiteSista

photo: Hector Urzaiz

hahahaha nooooooooooo!

Mainly because I just can’t do it. I find it super anoying and most of the times after the session I just rip off my wetsuit as fast as I can so being naked under it would be a nice show for the beach.
Sometimes I go bra-less… Why? Not really sure why but that can be comfy. – Julia Castro

Gisela Pulido

Gisela Pulido - KiteSista

I am naked underneath the wetsuit, its impossible to have a swimsuit, its the most uncomfortable thing for me! Same like I ride with my hair loose, I like to feel free on the water, so the less I wear, the lighter I am, and the better ;) – Gisela Pulido

Kari Schibevaag

Kari Schibevaag - KiteSista


Less things to dry and nothing making pain underneath… – Kari Schibevaag

Sensi Graves

Sensi Graves - kiteSista

I don’t go naked underneath my wetsuit for a few reasons.

Number 1: Being that wetsuits are a pain to put on and take off and it’s much easier to do so without having to cower under a towel or try to drape something over my shoulders to remain unexposed. It’s so much easier to peel down your wetsuit top when you have a bikini underneath.

Number 2: I like the support and protection of my bikini. It prevents rubbing and chafing and is more comfortable against the skin than thick neoprene.

Number 3: I make awesome bikinis that are comfortable to wear under a wetsuit and I want to show those babies off. – Sensi Graves

Colleen Carroll

Colleen Carroll - KiteSista


I typically wear a bikini top but skip on the bottoms.
Why? Because nobody likes a big old line across their booty and the appearance that bikini bottoms make under a wetsuit just isn’t very flattering. Besides, I don’t feel a need to have this extra layer underneath. But I do wear a bikini top because there are many times where it is nice to pull your wetsuit half down when rigging, de-rigging or just hanging after a session on the beach. – Colleen Carroll

Hannah Whiteley

Hannah Whiteley - KiteSista

Normally no bikini.

Why, I’m just trying to get on the water as quick as possible so putting a bikini on would make me a minute slower to get on the water!!

And secondly, I also don’t like bikini lines showing through my wetsuit. – Hannah Whiteley

Therese Taabbel

Therese Taabbel - KiteSista

Depends the day, most of the times I like to wear a bikini under, as it is more comfortable … But it really has to be a good one without any ties! – Therese Taabbel

Malin Amle

Malin Amle - KiteSista

No, I prefer some support! – Malin Amle

Paula Rosales

Paula Rosales - KiteSista


When I forget to take my bikini when am kiting in cold places! – Paula Rosales

Maureen Castelle

Maureen Castelle - KiteSista

Yes and no, half/half!

I don’t wear bottom underneath my wetsuit to avoid having my bikini going into my butt after big crashes and it is never easy to put your wetsuit on with a bikini bottom rolling and leaving marks. The better is to not put anything underneath. However regarding the top I prefer wearing a sports bra which give good support and better comfort! – Maureen Castelle

Rita Arnaus

Rita Arnaus - KiteSista


So, in the beginning I was wearing bikini under my wetsuit because after a kite session I just wanted to take it off and be in bikini. Also I thought without bikini it will be uncomfortable to kite… but then I realized that after many crashes my bikini will place right in the middle of my buttocks… and that is not comfortable at all and my bikini top was moving all the time!

So I decided to try without and it’s 100% more comfortable!!!!! Never again with bikini …! Hahaha – Rita Arnaus

Alexia Fancelli

Alexia Fancelli - KiteSista

I’m naked underneath my wetsuit!
I feel it’s much more comfortable to have your skin in contact with neoprene as the new materials give you the feeling to have a second skin. Also my bikini doesn’t stay in place while I’m kiting and it’s not very nice.

Regarding the aesthetic side of it, being naked avoids the ugly marks that the bikini leaves which is a bit more sexy!

Alexia Fancelli

Clémentine Bonzom

Are you naked underneath your wetsuit - Clem Bonzom

Well no, I’m not naked underneath my wetsuit for the simple and only reason… I always think that if anything happens to me and I hurt myself they will need to remove my wetsuit for an emergency and I don’t think is very classy to get naked in front of everybody! Yes I now, I’m a pretty shy girl!

Clémentine Bonzom

Katarzyna Lange

Are you naked underneath your wetsuit - Katarzyna Lange

Lately yes, but it’s only for last few sessions, it gives better feeling :) there’s nothing that tights you.

Katarzyna Lange

Liloo Gringa

Are you naked underneath your wetsuit - Liloo Gringa
No, I’m not naked underneath my neoprene. Just because I never thought about it actually… and I think it is not very clean of not wearing any bottom. Also it is very more practical to get changed afterward.  

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