Polly Crathorne is on top of the world in Tajikistan

If there is one young lady we can always rely on to take us off the beaten track it is Polly Crathorne. We almost wonder where she will pop up next, and now we have our answer. Tajikistan.

???????? | Karakul | The Black Lake to be precise.

It was an unbelievable privilege to be the first person to kitesurf in the stunning country of Tajikistan.
At 12992 ft, this is highest sailing regatta in the world. One of the most remote and land-locked regions on the planet and under ice for eight months of the year, the kitesurfing at Karakul had some wild conditions.

Read more about the trip here: npsurf.com/blog/roof-of-the-world-regatta.html

Edit: Jonty Norton. You’re a legend.
Music: ‘Bear Trap’ by Wovoka Gentle. Huge thanks for letting me use this wonderful track. Check out: wovokagentle.com

Cabrinha, NP Surf, Agent Eight, Cotswold Outdoor – this mission would not have been possible without your support. Thank you.
And finally, etc4CA – thanks for dreaming up such a bizarre and wonderful event.

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