Power Food for Sport: Peanut butter and banana-wrap

Here is Linda’s new recipe for in between-meal snacks that is good for your body, and gives you the extra energy you’ll need to be able to kite for a long day.
Today, the peanut butter and banana-wrap!


2. Peanutbutter and banana-wrap

This is really the easiest, fastest snack you could imagine! I often bring this to school as well as to the beach when I’m short on time, as it keeps me full for a long time and takes absolutely no time to make.

peanut banana

What you’ll need:

1 wrap
2 tabespoons of natural peanutbutter
Honey, agavesyrup or other liquid sweetner
Dessicated coconut

How to:

Spread the peanutbutter onto the wrap. Add the banana and top with whatever toppings you prefer. I’ve listed my favourites above, but feel free to use nuts, seeds, other kind of berries or dried fruit. Be creative!

peanut banana 2

Thank you to Linda Viktoria for her yummy recipes and of course don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @LindaViktoria.


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