Pro Kitesurfers Lifestyle – Webstory Stance Tarifa- Leucate GKA

We have chosen to share this edit with you even though you will quickly notice the only girl involved is our friend our friend Angely Bouillot as it is just happens to also be a compilation of some of the yummiest male riders our sport has to offer and there is nothing wrong with a bit of swooning on a Monday afternoon.

We must also mention that that video would not be what it is without the excellent work of the man behind the camera, Julien Leleu, so sit back and enjoy and getting to know a little bit more about the life of pro kitesurfers from training to competitions.

Project That Julien Leleu made for Stance kiteboarding Webstory from Tatifa to Leucate for the GKA AirGames.
Directed, filmed and edited by his company Highlightprod.

Julien Leleu

Julien Leleu - Highlight Prod

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