The Secret to Perfect Beach Hair That Nobody Told You!

The Secret to Perfect Beach Hair That Nobody Told You!

Constantly being on the beach all day, our hair simply does not grow like we want it to.
Who knew that the solution to beautiful hair lies in something as simple as…

We have covered many techniques to have beautiful beach hair, with oils, masks and natural treatments. Even with all of those solutions a lot of us still find that constantly being on the beach, in the sun and salty water all day means our hair simply does not grow like we want it to.

It turns out however that the solution to beautiful, long, healthy hair lies in something as simple as a good brush.


Really? A brush!

Yes, but not just any old brush, two special secret products that has taken the beauty world by storm (ok, one is as old as my grandma but has been rebranded and packaged up for our generation) and thanks to our good friend Hannah Whiteley, is now ready to become every KiteSista’s must have accessories.


Helena Brochocka has one!

We were having dinner with Hannah last week when as girls do, the subject of hair came into the conversation, and anyone who has had the pleasure of stroking Hannah’s hair (it is quite addictive – but always ask first) will know it is amazingly lush and soft.

Here secret …we won’t keep it from you any longer, …TANGLE TEEZER and TANGLE TAMER.

Tangle Teezer

This small brush is the solution to beach hair that you have been waiting for →

First off we have the Tangle Teezer …this small handleless brush comes in a range of colour and style and fits nicely into your bag.

Over the Tamer which we will show you below it has slightly harder bristles and is less flexible.

This is Helena Brochocka’s brush of choice.

Since launching in 2007, we have revolutionised the hairbrush market, described as ‘lifechanging’, ‘magic’, and the ‘must-have brush’, we are teasing the world with innovation at the heart of everything we do.

Tangle Tamer

If you prefer a handle then the Tamer is the option for you →

The Tamer is Hannah Whiteley’s weapon of choice as she is an advocate of the handle (Helena says “Handles are for the weak”), and this brush is made by Denham who as I mentioned, were my Grandmother’s brush of choice.

Slightly softer bristles than the Teezer and with the added bonus of a handle.

Yes that is it, something so simple. We have just ordered one of each to test and apparently this is infectious, they are being snapped up by our readers everywhere.

So let us know how you get on with yours.


So it is time to say goodbye to tangled damaged hair and instead it is time to brush your way to success.

For more info head over to

(In case your wondering, this is not a sponsored editorial, this is 100% good advice, we have no association with Tangle Teezer or Tangle Tamer and are not being paid to say this. The inspiration for this article is 100% rooted in the effect of touching Hannah Whiteley’s hair and her sagely advice).


Can you believe that after 3 years of struggles my hair has been featured in the “perfect hair secrets” article ? means your job is done, Thank you Master.

Helena Brochocka to Hannah Whiteley.

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