The 9 Beauty Secrets of Katarzyna Lange

The 9 Beauty Secrets of Katarzyna Lange

The beautiful Katarzyna Lange shares with you her 9 beauty secrets which are not found in cosmetics or aesthetic tricks, they come from inside. Take care of your body in a good way and you’ll stay absolutely gorgeous!

For me the secrets of beauty are not found in cosmetics or aesthetic tricks, they come from inside. If you take care of your body in a good way, you’ll stay absolutely gorgeous!


1. Drink Water.

Water – hydration is essential !! I try to drink as much water as I can, 2l is the minimum per day. The body needs water to restore, for better skin protection, strong hair and nails, clear eyes, skin smoothness, sun exposure protection and way more… So have a glass right now!

lemon mint water

2. Take care of your nutrition

I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and drink homemade juices and smoothies. Wherever I travel, I like to explore local cuisine and markets, looking for the best fruits and veggies that are being sold in a natural way. A tip – if you don’t like green smoothies add strawberries or honey – it always makes it sweeter : )

nutrition katarzyna lange

3. Do Yoga (or any other exercise you prefer)

Stay active!

It’s ok if you prefer running, swimming, walking, whatever you will do, your body will appreciate. For me, after kiteboarding training, or gym – yoga is a salvation. Doesn’t matter if I’m tired or busy, I try to do yoga everyday (when I compete, even few times a day), cause after every yoga session I feel 10 times better !


4. Apply sunscreen before and body lotion after sun

I’m a kiteboarder and I spend 360 days on the sun, which I adore but my skin doesn’t, that’s why I moisturise my body and put sunscreen all the time.

Tip – put sunblock at least 15 min before going out on the sun, so it sinks in your skin (zinc is the best for face), and after a long day moisturise your body well!

kiteboard katarzyna lange

5. Take care of your surfgirl hair

Don’t dye it, sun will make the work better than any hairdresser! Conditioner and hair oil is a must!

I find spray conditioner and spray oil the most comfy – super easy to apply, you don’t have to rinse it after, just spray and it’s done! Also, to grow hair longer it’s good to cut hair tips fairly often, gives better results than leaving them on their own : )

hair katarzyna lange

6. Use a good Waterproof Mascara.

That’s probably my only secret I have!

I do always use mascara , even in the water, as my lashes are naturally long and mascara makes them insanely thin.

smile katarzyna lange

7. Daily attitude and rest.

I’ve once found an article, and loved the small list of things to do when you wake up, to balance your body.

It was saying to have a glass of water, take a look to the ocean (that one is easy for us kiteboarders), have few deep breaths, appreciate what you have, think of your goals for today and start a day with positive thoughts. At the end of the day don’t forget to rest well before another day.

katarzyna lange

8. Stay natural.

The more you change about yourself the less of your own beauty you will notice.

For me wet hair full of salt, a flower in hair, sand on my skin and simple bikini is what I love the most to look splendid!

flowers katarzyna lange

9. Smile.

You’re genuinely the most beautiful with a smile ;)


Written by Katarzyna Lange

Please follow her in her adventures here:

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