The Couples Interview: Mathilde Serin And Julien Kerneur

The Couples Interview: Mathilde Serin And Julien Kerneur

KiteSista introduces Mathilde Serin and Julien Kerneur… discover who are behind the Europe Slalom vice champion 2012 and the world Slalom champion 2012.

KiteSista introduces Mathilde Serin and Julien Kerneur… if you don’t know them already this couple of kitesufers travel around the world and participate in a lot of competitions. Take some time and discover who is behind the Europe Slalom Vice Champion 2012 and the World Slalom Champion 2012.

KSm: Hi Mathilde, Hi Julien… can you tell us a little bit about you both… 

Mathilde: Ok I will start, my name is Mathilde SERIN and I’m 22 years old. I live in the south of France in Bézier. I study physiotherapy and I am also the Vice French Champion 2011 in Freestyle and also Vice Europe Champion 2012 in Slalom.


Julien: My name is Julien KERNEUR, I am 20 years old. I am a globe trotter but I spend the majority of my time between Bézier and Quiberon in France. I am a rider and tester for RRD, I am the World champion 2012 in Slalom and I have been also two times first in PKRA in race in 2010 and 2011.


KSm: Did you both meet because of the Kiting?

M&J: Yes, it was in Germany during the PKRA in 2011… One year already :)

KSm: Do you think that the connection you have together as a couple helps position you better in the world of kitesurfing than if you were going it alone?

M&J: In any case, it’s really easier to travel together. In the competitions, for your mind it’s better also. And then it’s amazing to live these experiences together, we share our passion and it’s in this way that we try to transmit the image of ourselves as a couple.

KSm: Do you live together?

M&J: We try to share some moment together as much as possible but between studies and schedule of each other it is not always easy to be in the same place at the same moment.

 Mathilde et Julien

KSm: Do you have other passion without kitesurfing that you share together?

M&J: Kitesurfing stays our main passion but we love all aspects of the sea (SUP, Surf,..)

KSm: Do you like to receive advice from each other or you  prefer to receive it from others?

M&J: We exchange a lot, each of us have a little advice to give for coaching :)


KSm: Kitesurfing brings you closer… without questions… but do you think that sometimes it can be a source of tensions?

M&J: Yes, for sure if the conditions are bad it can annoy us, but not really seriously! I think that you have to relativize because it is just a passion and you must have fun with that.

KSm: Could you give any advice to other couples who mix also the same passions and their relationship?

M&J: kite, peace and love !

KSm: Julien: one word to Mathilde…

Julien: Stop moaning!

KSm: Mathilde… one word to Julien…

Mathilde: Do you want a ‘choco prince’? :)


KSm: What projects are you engaged in or do you have coming soon that you can tell us about?

M&J: We will be in the KTE in la Baule, then Ju will be in the world Race championship in Cagliari and I will enter the France Freestyle Championship in Saint Pierre la mer… and all that whilst continuing our little way together …

KSm: Thank you both, we wish you a lot of happiness and success for your future projects.

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